An Ad Film of famous E-Com Brand is looking for below Talent (Actors/ Models)

1. Seller – Male: 42 Years Old, Tier 2 City. Owns a small, well-established saree shop, deep understanding of the textile industry, a keen eye for quality.

2. Girl: 16-17 years old, Just passed out of school or 1st year of college, Metro city.

3. Man: 29-30 years old, A budding fashion designer, Metro city.

4. Customer – Male: 33-35-year-old, Comes from an Affluent Family, a well-paying job, Lives in a high-rise, 20th Floor apartment, Urban Metro.

5. Seller – Male: 50 year old, from Tier 1 city, but a small town like Kalyan, Naigaon, Vasai, Virar.

6. Customer – Male: 23-24 year old, degree college, comes from South India, middle class family.

7. Seller-Male: 35-40 year old Man, from North India, small town, Tier 2.

8. Customer – Mr. Nair: 40-42 year old, South Indian, Middle Class family.

9. Seller (Woman): 38-40 year old, Tier 2 city, looks experienced in the business.

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