Project: Feature Film

Looking for the following for the main parts:

Male Actor 1
Age Group: Mid 20’s
Brief: Lean, Unclean

Male Actor 2
Age Group: 40’s
Brief: Govt. Official, Corporate Look, But Statesmanly

Male Actor 3
Age Group: Late 40’s
Brief: Lean, Confident

Male Actor 4
Age Group: Early 40’s
Brief: Long Flowy Beard, With Turban, Fair Looking

Male Actor 4
Age Group: Mid 30’s
Brief: Good Looking, Sardar

Female Actor 1
Age Group: Late 20’s, Early 30’s
Brief: Beautiful, Elegant, Sharp Features (Trained In Martial Arts Will Be A Plus)

Also looking for Sardar Actors (Age: 20 Years & Above) Actors must be fluent in Punjabi, Hindi & English

Location : Pan India

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