Casting for Aditya Birla digital ad film.

Shoot dates- 5th of May to 10th of may 2024. Which is any one or two days shoot. will be possible. 

Shoot Location: Mumbai

Features casting

Casting requirements as follows.
1. Kid
Boys & girls
Age: 6 to 13Yrs

2. Teenagers 
Boys & Girls
Age: 15 to 19Yrs

3. Boys
Age: 19 to 26Yrs

4. Girls
Age: 18 to 27Yrs

5. Husband
Age 26 to 45Yrs

6. Wife
Age: 26 to 45Yrs

7. Father
Age: 40 to 55Yrs

8. Mother
Age: 40 to 55Yrs 

9. Dada
Age: 55 to 65 Yrs

10. Dadi
Age: 55 to 65Yrs 

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Casting Call

Client: Skootr

Shoot Date: 2nd-3rd May

Location: Delhi NCR

Casting BreakDown

(All faces need to be good-looking, overall cast)

Primary Cast

Rhea Main Lead-Female Urban: 30-35 (Ref Kriti Sanon)

Assistant 1. Female-Urban-NIFT Kid: 18-25

Assistant 2.
Male-Urban-NIFT Kid: 18-25

Secondary Cast

Doorman – Male: 35-40, old royal looking Sardar

Skontr Concierge/Receptionist Male: 25-30

Kabir Ahuja Ceo-Male Urban-Rich looking: 35-40

2 Investors- 1 Male, 1 Female – Urban, Rich: 45-55, Fashion/Industrialist (Ritu Kumar, Sandeep Khosla)

Head Chef Female: 40

Skootr Waiters (assisting Chef) 2-3: 25-30

Fashion Photographer-Whacky-long-hair man bun: 25-30

Business women in washroom: 25-30

Foreigner/Blonde American Salon Hair Dresser (1 Main, 2 Assistant): 30-35 Male, stylish looking

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